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Other products/services

Here at Evanston Valley Enterprise (EVE) we pride ourselves on using what we can from all the companies we own. We make an effort to use product left over from jobs to benefit others. KK Tree Division allows us have an abundant supply of woodchips. Wood chips are great for landscaping and other projects.  


We Offer woodchips for $20/ton. The product is made from wood obtained from the K&K Tree Division.  The chips are produced from sending wood through one of our many wood chippers. The wood chips are natural in color and free of dyes. 


Brush and Debris 
Drop Off

Here at Evanston Valley we are a Green Waste disposal site for Spencer Co. You can dispose of natural materials such as brush, tree limbs, non processed logs, ect. for $10 per axle. 

Grass, Hay and woodchips are FREE to drop off. 

These items can be dropped off at the farm located at 10492 E CR 1000 N Evanston, IN 47531. 

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