With cold months ahead of us you may consider a small indoor garden to keep you growing all year long:

     Indoor gardens are becoming increasingly popular as the interest in gardening grows in general. With a small investment you could be on your way to enjoying fresh herbs and lettuce greens throughout the cold and dark months of winter. All you need to get started is some T5 florescent bulbs along with a dedicated area such as a cupboard or a space near a south facing window and some planter pots with soil. These bulbs will provide enough light for your plants to flourish in lieu of the natural sunlight present over the summer. 

    It is recommended that you stick to leafy greens and herbs for your indoor growing project as these can be grown with relatively little soil and space. Rosemary, thyme and fresh sage can be great accents to your holiday cooking and fresh greens be a great reminder that Spring is on it's way. As always we are here to provide you with all of your soil needs. If you are in need of a Premium Compost or High Quality Top Soil give us a call at (812)529-8172

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