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Evanston Valley Enterprise

Evanston Valley Enterprise (EVE) was started as a way to reuse materials that are usually considered waste. We started by receiving wood chips from our own tree service as we needed a place to get rid of the large quantity of chips that we produced. We then started blending that with hay from local farmers and leaves from some municipal pickup services.  We then windrow all that together and turn as needed based on our measurements.

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We are here to fill all your soil needs. All you need to do is just let us know how we can help. 

Where we are now.

We now offer several different products that we produce.  We are continuing to find new ways to use the compost that we produce. We offer topsoil blends, compost, and we now are offering potting soil in 40lb bag. 


Have trimmings you would like to dispose of? We offer drop off at 10492 CR 1000N Evanston, IN. $10 per axle for brush, tree limbs, non processed logs etc. Grass/hay/woodchips are free to dropoff. 

Evanston Valley Enterprise

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