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We Are Proud Of What We Do!

Evanston Valley Enterprise (EVE) is a family owned company that was founded in 2014 as a way to reuse materials that are usually considered waste. We started by receiving wood chips from our own tree service, K&K Tree Division as we needed a place to get rid of the large quantity of chips that we produced. We then started blending that with hay from local farmers and leaves from local municipal pickup services.  We then windrow all that together and turn as needed based on our measurements. EVE is also associated with K&K Dirtworks, another business owned by the family.  


On site, EVE can produce up to six 50 meter rows of humus compost. EVE ensures to only make the amount of humus compost needed according to the demand. EVE uses the Midwest Bio Systems method and equipment for their process which consists of a compost turner, a tarp roller, and water trailer.

Evanston Valley Enterprises is a premium soil supplier. We specialize in producing premium compost and screened top soil. We also supply fill dirt for all of your construction and landscaping needs. 


--EVE meets the requirements from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and is a permitted compost facility.--

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