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Raised Garden Beds

We have finally made it to Friday! I thought it would be a good idea to tell you all about the gardening trend we are seeing more and more of. Since Covid, we have seen a rise in people doing raised garden beds. These are a great option no matter your skill level or area available for a garden. I have seen people use wood for the sides of the raised bed, metal, cinder blocks, and even skid steer tracks.

To have a successful raised garden bed you do not have to fill the whole thing with perfect soil or have material for perfect sides. Filling the top few inches with good soil would be enough to get your plants the nutrients they needs. You can however fill the whole bed with great soil, it just adds to the benefits. Make sure to put the raised bed in a sunny area. You need to make sure your plants are going to get regular sunlight just like in a regular garden.

Once the bed is filled with soil and in a sunny spot, you can start to plant your veggies, flowers and other plants you want to grow. Make sure to water your raised bed garden as needed.

Here at the office I have had people tell me they chose to do raised beds due to having rocky or unhealthy soil, making the garden more accessible for the elderly, not having the room for a regular garden, wanting a garden in a location unable to sustain a garden in the ground, and even just because they found raised beds to be more esthetically pleasing. No matter the reason, raised beds can be rewarding and exceptionally successful.

If you have questions about raised beds or how to start, give our office a call and you can be connected with someone who has the needed expertise to answer all your questions and get you started!

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